Welcome to the Read Queen Bookstore & Cafe

“I love to read, the Queen she said, and in so doing I am well read.”

We are a locally owned and operated bookstore & cafe located in beautiful Old Town Lafayette, Colorado, right across from the WOW! Children’s Museum.

June 19th marks ONE year of being – being in business, being met by new people just discovering us, being hailed by old friends who visit us every day, being masked up, being surrounded by books and coffee, being kind and caring for neighbors and strangers alike, being here in beautiful Old Town Lafayette! And we cannot say THANK YOU enough times to be adequate.  Our hearts are bursting with love and enthusiasm for this community that has welcomed us so thoroughly!

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The Read Queen Bookstore & Cafe!

Not only do we have new and used books, but challenging and beautiful puzzles and games too. This is not your standard fare!

Check out our artisan candles, greeting cards, and literary themed gifts, like scarves and tote bags and journals.

We also have gift cards if you want to let your special someone pick out the perfect item.

Come in and browse or call ahead and pick up curbside – special orders welcome! That applies to our cafe as well – why not get a latté and scone along with your literary selection?!

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shipped right to your home!


BookShop is a fantastic 3rd party organization allowing independent bookstores to operate much like the big guys with new books shipped right to your door. This is inventory not necessarily on hand in our store, and it’s shipped directly to you. It’s just like Amazon, but better, because the money you spend stays in your community and goes to an independent operator, the lifeblood of any business community.

And now you can get gift cards at BookShop that allows you to give the gift of new books, while still supporting The Read Queen Bookstore & Cafe

We are also seeing huge interest in a number of titles which are currently back-ordered, so if you are interested you can download these titles as audio books via our store on Libro.fm at


It’s a great way to get what you’re looking for right away! And remember, this is your neighborhood bookstore and we are looking for your feedback to make it as great as possible!  Searching for a particular genre, author, gift item, card, game, tasty treat, etc?  Let us know!

Our in-store inventory of used and new books, gifts, etc. is ready to go! Additionally, we have delicious espresso beverages, coffee, teas, Italian sodas, and tasty treats as well! We look forward to seeing you soon!

The Read Queen Team

The Read Queen Bookstore & Cafe
129 N. Harrison Ave, Lafayette, CO 80026

info@thereadqueen.com / 303-974-5978

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What’s in a name?

“So, how do you pronounce ‘Read Queen’ – is it ‘Red‘ Queen or ‘Reed‘ Queen?”

Well, just as the Queen herself says:

“I love to read, the Queen she said, and in so doing I am well read.”

So the pronunciation is ‘red’ as a book must be ‘read’ in order to be a used book. It’s also an homage to The Red Queen of Lewis Carroll’s classic Through the Looking-Glass (the follow up to Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland), two of our favorite books.

In a quote all too fitting to our current times, Carroll’s Red Queen says “Now, here, you see, it takes all the running you can do, to keep in the same place. If you want to get somewhere else, you must run at least twice as fast as that!

The Read Queen Bookstore & Cafe
129 N. Harrison Ave, Lafayette, CO 80026