Trade-In Policy

First off, we do not buy books.  We only provide in-store credit. 

For every book we take into the store, the customer generally receives ½ the value we will assign as a sales price. The trade credit you receive gets you a discount on the books you buy. When you make a purchase after trading in books, credit will automatically be deducted from your trade credit bank. You will save 10% on new books, cards, and gifts and 50% on used books. You will always pay something.

For example, you bring in a book that we feel we could sell for $8, you would receive $4 deposited in your trade credit bank. Then, if you buy a $10 new book, you would save $1 (10%) and have $3 left in your trade credit bank. If you buy a $6 used book, you would save $3 (50%) and have $1 left in your credit bank.

 If you are looking to sell books, we can refer you to some of the dealers we work with.

Please limit yourself to two boxes per visit, or call to make an appointment if you have a larger collection you’d like us to consider.  We will get back to you after 1 week with the list of books we will be accepting.

What We Take

We are looking for gently used books. This means:

  • No Magazines
  • No water damage
  • No torn or grimy covers
  • No smelly or hairy books

How We Decide What To Take:

Books are evaluated against sales history, current inventory and at the discretion of our staff. If we don’t have the readership for a book, we won’t take it in.

Some of your books don’t make the cut?

We are happy to donate them for you. Books we can’t take into the store are donated to various charity organizations. Please let us know if you’d like them returned to you. Books left at the store for over a week after you have been notified they are ready for pick up will be donated.

Trade Credit cannot be used on vintage books or items from the cafe.

Questions?  Please feel free to contact us!