EspressoWe pull Doubles! 2oz espresso$3.00
Cappuccino~ 8oz espresso & steamed milk, topped with rich foam $3.70
Cortado~ 4oz espresso, steamed milk, dollop of foam$3.50
Macchiato~ 4oz espresso, foam$3.40
AmericanoEspresso & water$3.00$3.25$4.00
Au LaitCoffee, steamed milk$2.85$3.20$3.65
Drip Rich, delicious brewed coffee$2.35$2.50$3.00
LatteEspresso, steamed milk, microfoam$3.85$4.25$5.75
MochaEspresso, steamed milk, chocolate, microfoam$4.60$5.10$6.75
Cold BrewCoffee steeped for 24hrs produces an intense cold coffee flavor--$3.50$4.00
Add espresso double shot$1.50
Add Plant milk sm, med$1.00
Add Plant milk lg$1.40
Add chocolate$0.65
Add organic syrup$0.65
Add other syrup$0.65
WINTER WARMERSSome flavors available as a Steamer
CinderellaPumpkin SpiceSmallMedLarge
French ToastMaple, Vanilla, & Cinnamon$4.60$5.10$6.75
Irish MochaChocolate & Irish Cream Syrup
Killer Bee LatteWith Honey & Cayenne
Mexican MochaMocha Latte with Cayenne
Peppermint PattyMocha Latte with Peppermint
Pumpkin ChaiHoney Chai with Pumpkin Spice Latte
Queen’s Cortado (6oz)Cortado with Caramelized Brown Sugar & Cinnamon
Sleeping BeautyAmaretto Rose
SnickerdoodleCinnamon & Vanilla
Snow WhiteCaramel Apple
Arnold PalmerBlack Tea, Lemonade--$3.75$4.25
Jane AustenLemonade, Hibiscus Cucumber Tea
The AliceLemonade, Soda, Strawberry & Mint syrup
The Color PurpleLemonade, Soda, Lavender syrup
The Secret GardenRose Chamomile Tea, Lemonade, Lavender syrup
Treasure IslandMango Tea, Lemonade, Pineapple & Coconut syrup
Wuthering HeightsGinger Peach Tea, Lemonade, Lime syrup
Tea Latte (Cambric style) $4.75
Matcha Latte (optional sweetener included)$4.35
ChaiHoney | Spicy | Herbal* | Turmeric* | Unsweetened*

*=no caffeine
Add a shot of espresso to make it "Dirty"$1.50
Organic teas from The Tea Spot
HOT TEASmallMedLarge
Assam Breakfast$3.25$3.75$4.25
Blood Orange Rooibos
Boulder Blues Green
Earl of Grey
Meditative Mind
Pink Rose Chamomile
Red Rocks Rooibos
Strawberry Fields
ICED TEA--$3.75$4.25
Ginger Peach
Hibiscus Cucumber
Mango Tango
Nilgiri Black
Pink Rose Chamomile
Strawberry Fields
Orange CreamsicleOJ, Vanilla & a splash of cream over ice$4.95
Italian Soda - choose 1 or 2 flavorsSmallMedLarge
Lemonade SmallMedLarge
Hot Chocolate SmallMedLarge
Bottled Water$1.00
Chocolate Milk$1.50
Juice Box$1.00
Cookies $2.75
Gluten Free & Vegan Breads Yummy gluten free options from Outrageous Breads in Longmont$3.60
Jewish Apple CakeDelicious dense cake with real apples from Breadworks in Boulder$3.95
SconesBaked fresh daily from Spruce Confections in Boulder$3.50