Sure, you can order from the big name, mega-corporations with sights set on leaving the planet, but we’re down to earth, and right here in your neighborhood, with tangible products you can hold in your hands – what a concept!

When you come into our store, you’ll walk on 100 year old floors that used to be the old hardware store with years of character scratched in. You’ll see the bright red bookcases filled with both new and used books, puzzles, candles, jewelry and stationery. You’ll smell the savory espresso being brewed and see the delicious pastries and sandwiches ready to be enjoyed. You’ll get a nod and a friendly “how can I help you?” from our baristas and knowledgeable staff.


Want a gift recommendation? We can give that. Just read a book that you loved and want to know what other books are similar? We’ve got you covered. Can’t find the title but are wondering if we can order it? Sure we can!

And a local, independent, community-driven business not only gives you these tangible benefits, it makes your town stronger. Independent businesses are the lifeblood of the economy. We are becoming an homogenous, bland landscape of the same box stores owned by out of state or even out of county corporations that provide easy access but increasing mediocrity and diminishing choices. Independent businesses are unique and provide variety which essentially makes life interesting. So come on in, grab a cup of your favorite espresso or tea and a tasty treat to enjoy alongside that new book you’ve been waiting for which was finally released, or that hidden gem of a used book you found hiding on the shelves. It’s worth the trip and so much more satisfying than just clicking on a website.

But if you can’t make it to The Read Queen Bookstore & Cafe in person, there are still ways to find what you’re looking for and have it delivered to your door.  Check out our Online page for several different options for both real books, as well as electronic and audio books.